Companies Are Choosing Princeton and Here’s Why

office space in Princeton NJSelecting the ideal location in New Jersey for corporate headquarters, satellite offices or specialized space, such as laboratory or research and development can depend on a multitude of factors.  From accessibility and transportation to proximity to major cities and the available labor force and services, Princeton has continued to be the choice location for major corporations and industries.  The benefits of locating corporate operations in Princeton go far beyond the obvious, so we compiled a list of why our high-profile corporate tenants chose Princeton and College Park at Princeton Forrestal Center.

Of course location seems to be the obvious reason to choose Princeton for corporate office space. This is always the first, and one of the most important, aspects of choosing the right space for a company to grow and thrive. By locating their offices in Princeton many corporations recognize the convenient location for staff members and easy accessibility for their customers.  With the NJ Turnpike, Route 1 and Interstates 295/95 right at their doorstep, companies enjoy the central location of a Princeton address.  In addition, the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak, as well as New Jersey Transit trains can make the trip to Manhattan, Philadelphia or Washington D.C. a pleasurable and productive experience.  Princeton’s proximity to major airports including Philadelphia International and Newark Liberty, as well as smaller, local airport facilities that accommodate corporate jet travel are an invaluable asset for any established or growing corporation.

Local Amenities
While the accessibility and transportation options available are exceptional in Princeton, there are also a few other factors that make it one of the best locations in New Jersey. Consider the type of local amenities and resources a company requires for employees, management and customers.  Princeton has a long-tradition and reputation for its outstanding educational opportunities, with Princeton University at its center, as well as distinguished services from medical, biotechnical, research and development, arts and theater, museums and cultural amenities. Access to these types of venues and resources within Princeton can embellish operations, human resources and customer retention efforts for any company.

Within the Corporate Campus

Not all corporate campuses are created equally. There can be major differences with regard to the quality of office buildings, area landlords and management, as well as competitive services and on-site amenities.  Leasing a well maintained, attractive office building on a campus in Princeton with outstanding amenities has served many corporations well, which has led to a higher tenant retention rate in Princeton than other areas. Corporate campuses in Princeton are of top-notch quality and the address suggests high-end corporate services with on-site management companies to ensure responsiveness to maintenance needs and requests in a timely manner.  In addition, companies find that Princeton office space can provide for the company’s present and future needs, with future expansion options available, should the need arise.

Princeton has long provided companies with an ideal location and will continue to be the preferred address for corporations in New Jersey. With its proximity to major cities and key local amenities to serve the labor and cultural needs of its corporate residents, companies will continue to choose Princeton as their premier location for corporate headquarters, laboratory or research and development space. National Business Parks is a developer and manager of quality office and laboratory space in Princeton New Jersey.  With availability in their College Park at Princeton Forrestal Center campus, now is the perfect time to relocate.  Please contact us today to discuss your office space needs.