105 College Rd


Building Type: Office

Number of Floors: 3

Net Rentable Area: 78,475 sq. ft.

Year Completed: 1979

Building Exterior: Beige brick masonry with a structural steel frame. Windows are dual-pane tinted glass.

Elevators: Two Dover hydraulic elevators with 3,000 lbs. load capacity.

Roof: Surface is built-up tar

Floors: Poured-in-place concrete with 50 lbs. p.s.f.

HVAC: Provided by three DX unit chillers with piped chilled water and electric resistance heating.

Electrical: 480 volt service

Fire, Safety: The building has a complete system of smoke control devices and smoke detectors, as well as sprinklers. Card access system.

Parking: 4 spaces per 1,000 sq. ft

105 College Rd, Princeton NJ

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Floor/SuiteFloorplanRSFDivisibleData AvailableSpace TypeDescription