Top 10 Tips for Choosing The Best Office Space For Your Company

Whether you are an established company, or a start-up business, choosing a location for office space is one of the biggest decisions for a company and can be a determining factor in your bottom line.  Many of the companies that we have worked with over the years have all had their unique list of requirements with regard to their office space.  But we’ve compiled a top ten list of tips that remain constant for all of our tenants and prospects.  Here is a list of our top 10 tips for choosing the best office space for your company.

  1. Location
    This is always the first, and one of the most important, aspects of choosing the right space for your company to grow and thrive.  When it comes to location, huge consideration should be taken for the area you do business in and finding the perfect office space within that geographic location.  In addition, having a location that is in a safe and secure neighborhood with adequate parking will provide the right setting for your company.
  2. Location
    We are not repeating what we said before.  The location you choose should be considered based on its convenience for staff members.  If you move your business too far from your staff, you could chance losing the talented individuals that contribute to your company’s success every day.  Losing great employees and having to train new hires can be a costly mistake.
  3. Location
    Obviously the location is critical since it is in the top three positions.  But this time we are talking about your client base.  It’s not always possible to choose a location near your clients, but your office location should be convenient to major roadways, airports and public transportation so that your clients can travel to your office easily, regardless of where they are located.
  4. Quality of Building(s)
    Your office space is a reflection of your company, so a well-maintained, attractive office campus will serve your business well and provide the right first impression to clients, vendors and employees.  Consider the materials and condition of the exterior façade, landscaping and parking areas.  Interior common area spaces like lobbies, elevators, stairwells and courtyards should be in top condition in order for your company to properly present itself to clients, vendors and employees.
  5. Quality of the Landlord
    Does the company that manages the office campus have an on site presence?  This should be a must-have for any prospective tenant.  The responsiveness to maintenance needs and requests will be critical and having a specific point of contact can give you the peace of mind to know your company will be in good hands with the right landlord.
  6. Onsite/Offsite Amenities
    Consider the type of onsite and offsite amenities your company requires.  We mentioned ample parking in location; however, this is important for your employees and visitors.  In addition, things like a manned reception area, 24-hour access, onsite health club and catering or food can be important factors for some companies.  Offsite amenities including banking, shopping, suppliers and transportation hubs can be critical to your daily operations and employee retention.
  7. Size of Space and Expansion Possibilities
    Never choose an office space that is too small for your current staff and operations.  The size of the space is a critical factor and the ability to expand if the need arises should be an option in the office space you choose.
  8. Type of Business
    Depending on the type of business you are operating, there are spaces that can work as-is and others that may need to be adjusted.  For instance, if your company is a research and development firm you may have specific lab requirements, testing rooms or clean rooms that are necessary to your day-to-day operations.  It can be cost-effective to look at spaces with these areas already constructed.
  9. Competition
    If your competition is in the same building, you may wish to choose a different location.  You may not want the staff from a rival company in the same public areas as your employees, or meeting up with your best client in the elevator!  Although, some say to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.  You may want to be near your competition.
  10. Ability To Customize
    Sometimes the perfect office campus location may not have the exact space you need for your company.  In that case, be sure to ask the landlord about customizing the office space to work for your needs.  There may be the ability to divide space, create more space or rework the office layout to accommodate your company’s requests.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or company you are – having the right office space in the right location with the best amenities is critical to your success.  Keeping your requirements a priority and dealing with the right commercial broker and landlord can help you find the best office space for your company.  National Business Parks is a developer of quality office and laboratory space in New Jersey, with properties in Princeton, Bridgewater and Morristown.  Please contact us today to discuss your office space needs.